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  CCTV.MOUNTING.PRO Catalog of CCTV CCTV phone number.


    Introducing automatic devices for security systems, which partially or completely replace human when performing security functions in life-threatening conditions or relative inaccessibility of the object.

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  • Analog control cameras with 30-x optic lens and infrared illumination...
    Analog control cameras with 30-x optic lens and infrared illumination...
    Analog control cameras with 30-x optic lens and infrared illumination...
    HIKVISION camera with motorized lens and laser infrared illuminator...
    HIKVISION camera with motorized lens and laser infrared illuminator...
    Digital IP pan-tilt unit with Infrared to Network PTZ cameras...


    We supply, install and service all cameras and Digital (DVR) or Network Video Recorders (NVR). We can provide both I.P and analogue solutions, static and Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras and offer a discreet covert service if required.


    We provide 24/7 reliable response for all types of systems offering key-holder, guard or Fire Service callout. LTE, 3G, GSM or Ethernet connections are all available as well as various IP or VOIP solutions. Why be locked into expensive lengthy contracts when we tailor monthly monitoring packages to suit every requirement.
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    PTZ camera


    Camera with motorized lens and laser infrared illuminators

    Camera with motorized lens and laser infrared illuminators
    Focal length : 6-60 mm
    Zoom : Motorized
    Focus : Motorized
    IR Laser : 500 m
    Comm : Pelco-D
    Made in  : RUSSIA
        Article: cctv.791
    Made in: CCTV.MOSCOW

    IP camera with motorized lens and laser infrared illuminator.

    Price: 0 USD.

    CopyRight 2018. Russia. Moscow.
    Phone: +7(495) 728-8363.      Http://www.mounting.pro

    CCTV systems

    CCTV systems and Security systems.
    Installation of CCTV systems. Maximum invisibility, super picture, super sound, remote monitoring, duplication of registration.

    Professional installation of CCTV. Moscow. Russia.
    CCTV surveillance products are designed and manufactured based upon the latest cutting edge technologies in the security industry. Try CCTV.Moscow product and you will experience the difference that these technologies provide.


    We deliver your image The Longer, The Clearer.

    Panning, tilting or zooming as required.
    PTZ stands for the "Pan/Tilt/Zoom" functions. This means that PTZ dome cameras can be aligned manually or automatically at the required places and can zoom in closer on objects of interest. Don't miss any more details - the analog and IP PTZ cameras from CCTV.MOSCOW can be manually aligned to the required object and are impressive with excellent image quality and a powerful zoom.

    English English.    Russia Russia.

    Professional installation of CCTV.


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    Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera with laser infrared lightIP camera with motorized lens and laser infrared illuminator....
    20X optical zoom 2MP Network PTZ cameraIP camera with motorized lens and laser infrared illuminator....
    Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera evice with housing for camera and laser infrared lightIP camera with motorized lens and laser infrared illuminator....
    Controlled LED spotlight on the rotary device for securityIP camera with motorized lens and laser infrared illuminator....

    Security Services

    We provide and install security alarms, burglar alarms, home security systems, closed circuit television (cctv), security camera systems, access control systems, swipe card systems and proximity systems. Whether you require a security alarm for your home or an integrated security solution for your business, we are providing a quality security solution on time and within budget.


    We supply, install and service all aspects involved in an intruder detection system. From internal and external motion sensors, panic and duress alarms, to smoke and heat detection. We cater for both hard wired or wireless options and can tailor a solution from one or two devices to multiple areas or tenancies.

    Access Control

    We supply, install and service all types of access controlled systems. We can integrate proximity, biometrics and retinal readers to control various electric locks or lift control. Time attendance and Building management software can be structured for your individual needs both on site and remotely.


    We supply, install and service all audio and video intercom systems comprising handset, hands free or wireless station solutions. From single to multi door stations combining lift, gate and door release functions.

    CCTV Security Systems

    Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems transmit video signals on a closed network. CCTV has many applications. Typically CCTV is used in crime prevention / detection, monitoring process controls and traffic flows. There is an increasing trend toward using CCTV to deal with anti social behaviour, crowd control and in educational institutions. Smaller CCTV systems are also now cost efficient for residential use. The main components of a CCTV system comprise camera, method of transmitting the video signal, recording system and monitors. CCTV systems are often integrated with access control systems and used as alarm verification by security alarm monitoring services.


    Security camera technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Most leading manufacturers of security cameras offer traditional analogue cameras and digital cameras that integrate seamlessly with customer's data networks. Images are no longer recorded on video tape, but rather digitally on computer based systems (Digital Video Recorders or software platforms). Security cameras that incorporate digital recording systems offer managers and law enforcement personnel much more flexibility and quality, which in turn leads to improved identification of offenders. Providing a quality output for our customers ensures that you receive value for your investment. A "quick fix" or a "cheap solution" is a waste of time and money. Each application needs clear objectives, defined outcomes and careful planning. Our dedicated staff will work through these processes with you and will then recommend a quality solution. Quality CCTV solutions are not cheap!

    Integrated Security Services experienced staff can provide a free appraisal and site survey.

    Pan tilt zoom camera with high power infrared illuminators. Rotation on 360. For fixing in any digital bands.

    Super bright IR illuminators any distance!
    We produce according to your performance specifications!
    For any needs and goals!

    CCTV Moscow
    123290, RUSSIA, MOSCOW
    Shelepihinskaya Quay, 16
    Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems, security systems.
    Phones: +7 (495) 728-8363